** Please read before purchasing**    ** Not  recommended for children**


This sweet angel is the  Levi kit sculpted by Bonnie Brown. I fell in love with this baby when creating him and wanted to keep him for myself he truly is the sweetest thing and, I love him dearly but I know there is a loving family out there who would love to adopt him and give him lots of love and care. Levi has three to four layers of mottling to add depth to his deep rich skin tone. He also has pinky creases, fine capillaries on the eyelids, softly blushed palms and soles, and textured barely there hair also with a light scratch purposely added for realism. He is also realistically weighted with delicate glass beads to feel like a sweet cuddly newborn baby and, is 17'' in length. In addition, full-length limbs and cloth body. 


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Levi's box opening will come with but is not limited to:


-1 baby blanket 

-1 pair of socks

-1 sleeper

-3 diapers

-1 plush baby toy

-1 gift for the new parent

- 3 outfits of my choice

- care instructions

- birth certificate

Levi by Bonnie brown 2nd addition